1. The 2030 Agenda and the landscape of SMEs in Europe

This introductory module is designed to present learners with a comprehensive overview of the sustainability goals and targets of the UN 2030 Agenda and to introduce them to the complex landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. This knowledge base is essential for comprehending more advanced and nuanced aspects in subsequent modules. The course […]

2. Sustainability practices for SMEs (energy, waste, resources)

This module is designed to present learners with a detailed overview of sustainability practices (energy, waste management, overall resources) and content on how to maximise energy efficiency. The content will include references to articles, videos and other external resources to further explore the topics addressed.

3. Circular Economy

Welcome to the Circular Economy Module.  Within this module, you will gain an understanding of the concepts of circular economy, and strategies to implement these within your SME.  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should know about the circular economy because it offers the following advantages: Cost savings: SMEs can reduce costs by recycling, reusing, and […]

4. Staff training and professional development

This course addresses the need for personal and professional development of each individual with a special focus on social impact and sustainability efforts. In this module you will find information, strategies and good practices on how to adopt a more sustainable approach and lifestyle with an emphasis on a more environmentally-friendly workplace which will result […]

5. Management, leadership and SME culture

Through this Module, you are introduced to sustainable management as the practice of conducting business operations in a way that minimizes negative impacts on the environment, society, and economy, while maximizing the positive impacts.  This session will begin with an introduction to what sustainable management culture is, what contours it can have and how can […]

6. Implementation

After learning about different topics, it is now time to apply them in the real world. How to conduct sustainable practices? What are European companies already doing? This module will help you get started. Aim The aim of this unit is to provide learners with best practices that SMEs can implement regarding SDGs, sustainability, circular […]

8. National and EU resources and funding for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Europe’s economy. SMEs bring innovative solutions to challenges like climate change, resource efficiency and social cohesion and help spread this innovation throughout Europe’s regions. They are therefore central to the EU’s twin transitions to a sustainable and digital economy. They are essential to Europe’s competitiveness and […]

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