3. Circular Economy


Welcome to the Circular Economy Module. 

Within this module, you will gain an understanding of the concepts of circular economy, and strategies to implement these within your SME. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should know about the circular economy because it offers the following advantages:

  1. Cost savings: SMEs can reduce costs by recycling, reusing, and extending product lifecycles.
  2. Resource efficiency: Circular practices minimise waste and optimise resource use.
  3. Competitive edge: Embracing the circular economy attracts eco-conscious customers and sets SMEs apart from competitors.
  4. Business opportunities: SMEs can explore new revenue streams through repair, remanufacturing, and sharing models.
  5. Regulatory compliance: Awareness of circular economy principles ensures compliance with sustainability regulations.
  6. Resilience: Circular practices make SMEs more resilient to disruptions and foster innovation.

In summary, the circular economy benefits SMEs by saving costs, optimising resources, boosting competitiveness, creating new opportunities, ensuring compliance, and building resilience.

What is the roadmap for the learning process in adopting circular economy practices in your business?

  1. Learn about the circular economy through workshops, online courses, and industry events.
  2. Evaluate your current practices and identify areas to improve.
  3. Research successful circular economy examples in your industry.
  4. Collaborate with partners who are already implementing circular practices.
  5. Seek funding and resources for circular initiatives.
  6. Start small with pilot projects to test circular practices.
  7. Scale up successful pilots across your business.
  8. Monitor and improve your circular initiatives using specific metrics.
  9. Stay updated on new developments and learn from others in the field.

Remember, the learning process can be tailored to your business's specific needs and capacities. The key is to take small steps, collaborate with others, and continuously improve your circular practices.



  • 4 Sections
  • 11 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • 2h 30m Duration
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Welcome to the 3rd Module of the Business2030 MOOC!
1 Lesson0 Quizzes
  1. Video introduction
Circular Economy Principles
4 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Introduction to Circular Economy
  2. Key principles of circular economy
  3. The importance of Circular Economy for SMEs
  4. Benefits of Transitioning to a Circular Economy
Circular Economy in Action
6 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. The Three Pillars of Circular Transition
  2. Sustainable Governance and Leadership
  3. Building Collaborative Stakeholder Relations
  4. Fostering Innovation for Circularity
  5. Circular Design and Product Lifecycle
  6. Measuring and Monitoring Circular Progress
0 Lessons1 Quiz
  1. How much do you know about Circular Economy - Quiz

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